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At Jeezny, we prioritize the safety of your projects.  Our comprehensive safety services, delivered by our team of experienced professionals, ensure that all projects are completed efficiently while minimizing  risk, hazards and other potential issues.  By leveraging proactive solutions and a commitment to continuous improvement, we navigate complex projects with expertise and precision.

Hazard Tracking Log

Jeezny collaborated with the safety department to develop the Hazard Tracking Log, a comprehensive solution designed to streamline the reporting and management of hazard events in compliance with the System Safety Program Plan (SSPP).

This application allows users to report hazard events, enabling the safety department to assign these events to specific users for follow-up and commentary. It also provides functionality for users to propose new hazards for acceptance, fostering proactive hazard management.

The Hazard Tracking Log includes features for conducting initial and residual safety risk assessments, helping determine the safety priority of each hazard. This ensures that the most critical issues are addressed promptly.

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