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At Jeezny, our team is committed to providing cutting-edge business intelligence solutions that empower your organization to make informed decisions. By utilizing our deep expertise and innovative technologies, we develop customized strategies that address your specific data needs. We invest time to understand your business objectives, ensuring that our insights drive your success from initial analysis through implementation.

Workforce Management Solution

Jeezny worked with MTA MARC Train to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of trainmasters conducting station inspections and ride audits on conductions.

Jeezny developed a comprehensive workforce management application using Power Apps, specifically tailored for trainmasters. This application features an intuitive dashboard view, enabling users to report, assign, and close out inspections efficiently. Additionally, it offers robust functionality for conducting ride audits, ensuring thorough and systematic evaluations.

Jeezny provided support to manage the integration of inspection and ride audit data into a Power BI dashboard. This dashboard offers users a quick summary of the data, such as the last inspection date for each station, enabling efficient time management. Additionally, managers can use the Power BI dashboard to ensure that trainmasters meet their monthly quotas for ride audits and inspections, all while coordinating efforts and ensuring seamless operation across various inspection tasks.

Asset Inventory Power BI Dashboard

MDOT MTA’s asset inventory is worth $8 Billion and consists of over 50,000 line items, including linear assets that has over 30 pieces of information associated with it. Agencies update this inventory on an annual basis and use only for capital programming. End user and asset owners almost never interact with this data due to the sheer size of the inventory and clumsy user interface on Excel.

Jeezny carried this information into a Power BI dashboard, which has customized tabs for each mode (Bus, Light Rail, Heavy Rail, Paratransit etc.) and asset type. Dashboard is updated annually using the TERM Lite output file.

The Dashboard increased usability and provided tools for information-based decision making. It also helps the client to better understand the current condition of their assets, costs associated with keeping them in a state of good repair and plan for retirement/replacement.

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