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Our Jeezny team is committed to delivering Construction Management Services that  ensure every project is completed efficiently, safely, and to the highest quality standards.  With a diverse range of experience, we leverage expert consulting, meticulous planning, and rigorous quality control to guarantee outstanding project outcomes.  From initial planning to final execution, our tailored approach meets the unique needs of each client, ensuring optimal results every time.

Martins State Airport Compressed Air System Installation

MARC Martins State Airport Facility mechanical staff had been conducting rolling stock maintenance & repairs utilizing an unreliable and outdated compressed air system. Jeezy team led and overseen the design, procurement, and installation of a new compressed air system to support rolling stock at the facility. The new compressed air system included 2,200 feet of air pipe, 3 new air compressors and subsequent components, and 7 new connection locations for rolling stock. The system also expanded the footprint and the air capabilities at the facility through an exterior implementation of the system.


The new compressed air system allows MARC to service rolling stock more efficiently at Martins State Airport Facility as well as offers the capability of yard expansion to support a higher volume of rolling stock in the yard. This project greatly reduced preventive maintenance cost and schedules for the mechanical staff and increased the flexibility of the facility overall.

MARC Laurel Station East & West Bound Platforms Replacement

The MARC Laurel Station has passenger platforms on both sides of the railroad tracks. Inspections revealed significant delamination in the steel beams supporting pedestrian traffic, prompting concerns about their structural integrity. In July 2020, Jeezny scheduled a structural inspection that led to the condemnation of the westbound platform and its immediate removal from service. To mitigate passenger disruption, Jeezny collaborated with CSX and MARC Operations to extend the eastbound platform for single-track operations. They managed the design and reconstruction of a portion of the westbound platform, completing the design phase by November 2020 and overseeing the subsequent construction. The reconstructed section was returned to service after safety certification.

Following the resumption of normal operations, Jeezny took on a larger engineering contract to redesign the remainder of the westbound platform and the entire eastbound platform. They led various project activities, including review meetings, code analysis, and securing a federal TAP Grant. The engineering phase concluded in December 2021, with the project scheduled for advertisement in March 2022 and construction beginning in Fall 2022. During procurement, Jeezny set participation goals, attended pre-bid meetings, and addressed inquiries. In the construction phase, they assisted MTA’s Construction Management Division, ensuring both platforms were rebuilt according to design and managed funding through the TAP Grant and MTA’s Planning Division.

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