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At Jeezny, our team is dedicated to delivering comprehensive planning services that ensure every project starts on the right path.  By leveraging our extensive experience, we craft tailored solutions that meet the unique need of each client.  We spend time to understand the needs of each project to ensure a success from the very beginning through delivery.

BEB Schematic Design for Project Development

Jeezny assisted WMATA, as Bus Operations & Maintenance Lead for the Project Team with integration of zero emission vehicles into their existing fleet. The project included review of prior ZEV Transition Plan and other prepared documents, reports, maintenance assessments, and drawings provided by WMATA to become familiar with the conditions of each of the 8 bus division sites.

Jeezny concluded site visits to all 8 WMATA bus divisions and developed a comprehensive operational and maintenance assessment plan. The team also provided an existing condition report to reconsider operational logistics of each bus division for an incremental transition to ZEV implementation, operations, and maintenance. The assessment plan provided WMATA an improved understanding of current facility conditions and identified potential inventory challenges with BEB infrastructure.

Transit Asset Management

Establishing an asset management system across a multimodal agency is an arduous process.

Jeezny provided oversight to the MDOT MTA asset management team in implementing a full-bore asset management system at one of its bus depots from start to finish and was responsible for revenue vehicle inspections. By focusing on a single site, the team was able to focus on rapid development of an asset management system that can be modified and iterated to apply to other operating modes across the agency.


This pilot paved the way for how an asset management system is implemented across the agency. It helped MDOT MTA to know 1) what they own 2) condition and performance of assets, 3) improve how MDOT MTA does O&M, 4) configure software systems to help us do better asset management, 5) strengthen the connection between Asset Management System and Safety Management System.

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