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At Jeezny, we offer expert Project Advisory Services designed to guide your projects to success.  Our team of seasoned project managers, QA/QC experts, and diverse project support staff bring a deep understanding of all projects that come our way.  By leveraging strategic insights and unique advice, combined with the latest technologies and best practices, we deliver solutions that enhance project performance and ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and efficiency.

Bus Unified System Architecture (BusUSA)

The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) has conceptualized BusUSA project to unify the on-board Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) architecture for the MTA fleet of buses and to upgrade and replace outdated servers, workstations, and printers in the Bus Operations Control Center (BOCC).

Jeezny Project Manager oversaw the BusUSA project, from start to finish; budgeting, scheduling, managing contractors, installs and commissioning of the project. Jeezny also assisted the MTA with final inspection of the equipment, evaluating the performance of the connectivity, and performing final acceptance of the vehicles using the check-sheet prepared by the MTA.

The project provided MTA with state-of-the-art suite of on-board bus systems and decreased bus fleet management cost. The system integration improved bus operations and ensured accurate data capture for reporting.

Program Management for MTA MARC Train PRIIA 212 (Passenger Rail Investment & Improvement Act)

Since 2017, Jeezny has represented MDOT MTA and the State of Maryland, overseeing the annual submission and review process for PRIIA 212 compliance. With an embedded Program Manager and staff, Jeezny ensures MARC Train meets all regulatory requirements.

Jeezny's team addresses compliance, cost analysis, and complex reporting requirements by embedding a dedicated Program Manager within MDOT MTA. They conduct thorough cost analysis to ensure accurate submissions, develop and resolve issues promptly, and optimize reporting processes. This proactive approach ensures all submissions and audits adhere to PRIIA 212 policies.

Jeezny has saved the State of Maryland millions of dollars through strategic cost management and efficient reporting. The team ensures consistent compliance and reduces the administrative burden for MDOT MTA.

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